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Thu Jun 13, 11:53 AM


You will see some very exciting work going on at the SHUBIE RIVER PAK this week.

Car Moore Excavating and his team are doing an amazging job to get the drainage issues we have had for years fixed.  Some time ago with the help of Halifax C&D we creating a large French Drain across the bottom of the park by the river.  It catches the over flow water from the river then releases it back to the river through an Aboteau.

Now they are working on the rest of the park and ball field to get them to also drain properly down to that drain and into the river.  It will be amazing to get things back to where they provide for a usable space along our beautiful river front.

There are several other interesting upgrades with new playground equipment - possible splash pad - other interesting pieces over the next couple of years.

Please honour the PARK & PLAYGROUND CLOSED - signs and keep your children away for the next few days.  We want them all to be safe.

If you have questions you can call Ged 902-758-4444