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Pam's Blog

Pam's Blog


Fri Jun 24, 2:08 PM

We took the curling funding vote last night.  There were seven districts which would pay the tax levy. All seven councillors surveyed their residents (mine was the only one on-line and with direct mailing, as well as in person).  Four of those councillors supported this.  Three did not, including me, based on direction from my residents.  However, all 13 councillors voted.  The motion was lost.  This is a big disappointment to the curling folks and their dedicated volunteers.  We need to look forward when making these decisions and I, for one, think this would be an asset and that’s how I voiced my opinion on the survey.  But my residents were strongly opposed, so that’s how I voted.  I thank everyone who took the time to voice an opinion on this.  I encourage everyone to go on the Municipal web site and stay informed.  Thank you, again, for making your voices heard.

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