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Pam's Blog

Pam's Blog


Mon Mar 26, 5:14 AM

I’ve had recent complaints about activity behind our cenotaph and about noisy cars at night.  I passed these on to the RCMP and provide their response below, in quotes:

      “I know you have probably informed your constituents to call the police when they see “trouble brewing” or suspicious activity and as you know we always encourage folks to do that. In the interim I have sent a message to our members as well as Citizens on Patrol to keep this in mind and make patrols more frequent in the area.

Likewise many of the locals often know who these individuals are and often witness events taking place but are reluctant to call the police for fear of having to give testimony in court and then believe they will face retaliation. This isn’t always the case as often just being able to identify suspects and having the police approach them can serve the purpose of curtailing this activity without getting the complainants involved. Passing along this information on to your complainants would be much appreciated as it would go along way in assisting us.”

This message reinforces the need to call the RCMP whenever we see something wrong.  These calls become part of their statistics and directly relate to the numbers representing illegal activity in our area, which then leads to RCMP presence.  So please make the calls!  And, if you’re interested in becoming involved in Citizens on Patrol, call the detachment.

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