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Pam's Blog


Wed Sep 12, 2:11 PM

An update for everyone, and please share this information, as I don’t have everyone’s email.

Engineering’s report today confirmed that the contractor will only begin the Shubie section of the sidewalk project if he is certain that he can finish it this year.

Due to a month of delays for regulatory approvals, and staff and the contractor doing everything they can to accommodate saving trees, it is expected that our part of the project will be in 2013.  There will be advance notice, should this change.  As you may have noticed, Milford’s is underway.

Tomorrow, there will be a small excavator in front of a couple of residences.  The work (several test holes) will be done with a small excavator and no impact to driveways, trees or shrubs is anticipated.  Those folks were phoned by an engineer today to let them know.

It is good to know that concerns are being addressed and time is being taken to do this right.

Certainly, if you have shrubs or hedges or other items that you know will need to be moved, no matter when the project begins, now might be a good time!  This is all about your municipal engineers working with the contractor to save mature trees, and folks knew, I believe, all along, that shrubs in the right of way were not part of the consideration.  Some folks will want to move shrubs and hedges and other small trees, while some may not.  Something to plan for.

All the best
Outgoing Councillor Pam

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