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Pam's Blog

Pam's Blog

Tax Season

Wed Nov 03, 5:45 AM

Another budget season is almost upon us.  In the past two years, we have seen a new water tower, new water mains, newly paved roads, the refurbishing of our sewage lift stations, the beginning of construction of our new water treatment plant, new road signs, the beautiful, and well used, MacInnis Trail, a new dock on the river, amongst other things.  In addition, we have a new restaurant, a new fire truck, a new day care about to open, the total renovation of Home Hardware, and new homes being built.  We have seen millions pour into our village from various sources, including your municipal tax dollars.  The new Sportsplex is on the way.  An additional RCMP officer was added in July.  In addition to meeting the day to day needs, our tax dollars are creating an improved quality of life.  Part of our medium term plans include sidewalks from Havenwood to Mill Village Road, slated for 2012.  Council has requested the paving of Hwy 215 from the Village.  Residential developers are working with the municipality to determine next steps for new housing starts in our community.  There are many things going on in all parts of the Municipality which benefit all of us who live here.  No doubt I have left some things out.  And there is more to do.  You may have ideas and opinions about how life in our village progresses.  Please contact me any time.  And please volunteer your time.  You might be interested in the fire service, the museum, community events or many other things.  Or maybe you are a quiet volunteer who helps keep our village beautiful, for which you deserve a big thank you.  There is something for everyone and the amount of time you spend is up to you.

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