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Shubie River Park Drainage Project

Fri Aug 31, 12:07 AM

Over the past number of years the area between the Ball Fields and the River has been getting wetter and wetter.  When the river floods over the banks on a high tide or we get large amounts of rain it hasn't been able to drain out to the river. It has been eroding the shore line and creating a couple of swamp areas.  There are several sink holes that had become dangerous.

In discussion with inovator owner of Halifax C&D Dan Chassie we shared our problem and concern.  He shared that he had a solution using his TDA - Tire Derivitive Aggregate - that will allow water to flow through it but holds up the grass and topping.  Hank Kolstee a retired Tidal Drainage expert with the Province designed what was needed and how to do it.  Dan Chassie offered to do the whole project as a contribution to the Village of Shubie.  The Project is valued at over $20,000 for all the work that is being done.

They have dug a trench 6' deep - 12' wide from just by the Lift Station all around to the trial to the Floating Dock.  The trench was gilled with the TDA product - next it is covered with filter cloth - then soil put back over the TDA - leaving a strip 4' wide that will be covered with 1" clear stone.  The site will then be shaped to take any flow from the ball fields and or the river to this trench.

The whole trench then drains to a pipe at the end that will connect with an Abeteau - a flap that will open to let water out when the tide is out - close to protect tidal water coming up the pipe when the Tide is in.

This will be a showcase of this newer technology and will make a huge difference to the park.  We hope to be able to have picnic tables by the river next summer.

 The project is expectied to be finished up next week if the weather holds up.

Mr. Chassie is a partner in Scotia Plastics that donated the piping, owns Halifax C&D that has donated the TDA product, the trucking, the construction equipment, the abeteau.  Earlier this spring one of his other companies donated new metal Siding and Roofing for the Ball Field building - that project is planned to be completed this fall or in the spring.

We would like to offer a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Dan Chassie and his team.