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Shubenacadie Remembers

Wed Nov 12, 10:15 PM

November 11, 2014 Remembrance Day - was a very special day in Shubenacadie as it was across our country.  With the recent loss of two young Military Men in acts of terrorism we were all even more impacted than normally for this commemoration. 

It was a perfect day with +12 degrees and a wonderful crowd of about 500 filling the Main Street.

The honour guard parade lead the Community as they marched down Main Street to the Cenotaphe.  Several organizations - Legion - RCMP - Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Cadets and a number of others walked and carried flags.  The Hants East Rural High Band was a very nice addition this year for the music.  The United Church Choir lead in the singing.  Comrade Bob Smith on be half of the Legion lead the Ceromonies - Pastor Martin Reid brought a thoughtful meditation and lead in prayer.

The Honour Roll was read

  • WWI
     - Forest Benner - Buy Brown - William Courtney - William Dodd - William Duff - Blanchard Gass - James Graham - Thomas Irving - Wilbert Larabee - Peter Maloney - Cleveland MacCabe - Walter MacKenzie - James Noble - Arthur Pentz - George Robinson - John Smith - James Sutherland - Haliburton Wallace - Reginald WIle
  • WWII - Arthur Brimicombe - Leo Cope - Allen Nelson - William Robb - Arthur Taylor
  • Mic Mac Veterans - Louie Isaac Brooks - William "Billy" Copage - James Alexander Gehue - Pter Maloney

After the two minutes of silence a young lady name Romi recited In Flanders Fields -  she did an excellent job.

Wreaths were placed on behalf of families, groups, organizations and businesses.  There must have been more than 40 of them.

We would also like to express our thanks and appreciation to our living Veterans as well as those in active duty.  Thanks also to the Fire Department and the RCMP for keeping the Ceromonies safe.

Growing Our Village

Sun Nov 02, 1:49 PM

Rural Communities are Challenged

In most regions of our country Rural Communitioes are struggling with the ability to maintain their population or attract new residents.  The Youth are moving away to find jobs and seniors are moving to larger areas that can provide the housing and services they need.

Shubenacadie is no different

The reality for Shubie is that we need to attract about 100 new homes over the next 4 - 5 years to be sustainable.  It will breathe new life into our community. Re-invigorate the business community - our school - churches - Legion as well as our social and recreation programs.

Looking at Development in Shubie

Development has been stalled for quite a number of years - there is limited space for development - until recently water was an issue but that has been solved and we now have very good water - sewage is a problem as our Village system is old, tired and at capacity - also there are no lands with the "Attraction Feature" that would excite people to want choose our Village - until now...

The Sewage Challenge

The Municipality has told us it will cost $4 - $5 million to replace the current system - this is an impossiblity for a Village our size.  There are new and interesting alternatives.  Smaller new technology systems that would provide service to 100 - 125 homes for a cost in the area of $300,000 - $400,000.  This would make sense for a new development.  The challenge is that we need a large enough development to justify even thsi expenditure.  The Development will pay for it so need that 100 - 125 homes. 

Target Markets

There are two key areazs of need in the Village - 50+ or Seniors Housing - Townhomes -- Duplex Units - smaller Bungalows - people wanted to downsize - have a nice home in their community - with full Maintenance Free Living - some with ownership and some rental units. 

The second group is single family homes again with a variety of sizes and costs - providing some new home options in the Village.

What's the Attraction

We know already to simply build a subdivision on a parcel of land in or around the community is not going to attract outsiders from HRM or the Corridor area to consider Shubenacadie.  Shubie needs an attraction - to build the development around - Golf Course - River Front - Lake Front - with  Active Lifestyle Options - something that would make the home buyers to choose our Village.

Could it be Snide's Lake

The Municpality owns 100 acres including and round Snide's Lake that was the water supply for the Village.  The are now looking at options for that property.  It could be an ideal "Attraction Property" - a reason for people to choose to move to Shubenacadie -  Close to the Exit off Hwy 102 - beautiful rural lake front setting - next to a great Village Business community - what a great place for a family to have for their children to grow up in - schools - churches - recreation....

It will be important to protect the lake for all residents to enjoy and use - will need to be nursed back to better health as a lake - would recommend it remain in the ownership of the Municipality - with a 10 - 15 meter buffer around it - create walking / jogging / biking trails - docks to launch canoes / kayaks / paddle boats.  A new development would be able to provide the resources to create this type of park like development - pay for upgrades as well as ongoing maintenance with a significant amounf of new tax revenue.  Would expect it would generate $250,000 - $350,000 in Municipal taxes.

Plan East Hants Process

The Municipality is going through a planning process at this time.  We as a community need to speak strongly to thios process sharing that we as a Village need to grow.  We need to let them know are ready to support this kind of growth.  They are also working through a process to decide what to do with Snide's Lake - we need to share with them that it is likely one of the best opportunities for the Village to Grow - a wonderful Attraction Property - with the size and capacity to attract that 100 - 125 new homes.

You Can Help

We need to get as many residents in the community as possible to suport this concept to allow our Village to Grow - send us an email of your support ( or sign one of the documents in stores in the Village.

Have your voice... do you agree with the idea.  Provide your suggestions

We must take action now - or we will be challenged to - keep our school - our churches - the Legion - the wonderful businesses we have in the Village.

If you want to talk with someone - Ged Stonehouse is coorindating this effort - you can call 902-758-4444