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Snides Lake Property - a real Growth Opporunity

Wed Feb 11, 1:48 AM

The Municipality has decided that the protection of Snides Lake for the Villages water supply is no longer required so they have asked the URB to allow them to remove the designation.

An Opportunity for Growth for Shubenacadie

The Village is been stalled for growth for some time now.  The lack of any additional capacity for water and sewage was an issue.  Now the water supply is excellent and there is lots of capacity.  On the sewage side there are opportunities with new systems that will allow for on-site smaller systems for new development.

The Municipality owns 100 acres around and including Snide's Lake.  It would be an ideal place to create an "Active Lifestyle Village" around the lake.  I would allow the community to freshen up the lake and make it a great recreational lake with canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. 

The idea would be to create a designed community with possibly one side of the lake as 50+ Residences - single family, duplex and townhomes - possibly 50 - 60 units - with that part create a social Centre gathering place, lawn sports, deck by the lake, fire pit maybe an Amphitheatre. On the other side of the lake create a Family Village with mainly single family homes.  Play park area, walking, jogging, biking trails around the property.  Again with 50 - 60 homes.

There is Municipal water supply right there and we could build an on-site sewage system to handle the development.

Feature Attraction Development   

To attract new residents to the Village we need an Attraction Development and Snides Lake is ideal - close to the down town - close to the Hwy 102 - the natural beauty of the lake from Village.  It is also ideal for the 50+ Development to allow our seniors to have a nice place in a wonderful setting around the lake right here in Shubie.  We have sent a presentation to the Municipality asking them to consider this type of development for the Snides Lake property.

What do You Think

Tell us what you think, your ideas and suggestions.  Would you be in favour of a project like this.  What would you like to see included.  What would you like to see different.

It is still in the early stages and we need to encourage Council to support the Village in this. 

Send your comments to