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Shubenacadie gets a new state of the art Fire Truck

Sun Apr 26, 10:13 AM

Chierf Wayne Green and the Volunteer Fire Department in Shubie we full of excitement that last couple of weeks welcoming the newest member to the Fire Truck Fleet.  This state of the art vehicle has all the technology to assist them to more easily fight fires in the area.  This new vehicle has so many built in features - GPS locators - holding pool for water - pumping capa bilities - ladder that is brought down by hydrolics to make it easy to take off and put on the truck.  They have been working hard to get it ready for the road.

Notice the creative Canadian and Nova Scotia Flags graphics on the one side.  Great to see them get the equipment they need to be better take care of our community.

If you woul be interested in hearing more about becoming a volunteer they would love to hear from you - call 902-758-2222.

The MacInnis Barns GONE…. Wow in one day

Wed Apr 01, 8:12 PM

The landscape in Shubie has changed a little today.  No not just the melting of the mounds of snow.  The large green MacInnis Barn was leveled today.  There was a concern that with it so old and dry that if it ever started on fire it could cause a disaster.  In chatting with Pam MacInnis today she said the contractor Carl told her he was going to start the demolition today.  She drove over after work and was VERY surprised at what she saw or didn't see.  Both barns were leveled and mostly cleaned up.  Here are a few photos of before and after.  Dr. Ross and Madelline MacInnis have been such an important part of our community for so many years.

Take a look as you drive by over the next week or so - or when you drop in the Village Bakery (re-opening again Tuesday) - or visit the MacInnis Trail.