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A Great Day of Remembrance

Mon Nov 14, 5:48 PM

A special thankyou to all those that assisted in the programs for our Shubenacdie Remembrance Service and Dinner.  Our Shubenacadie Legion and their team of volunteers do a great job with these events.

  • The Honour Parade - with Military - Legion members - Fire Department - Scouts and Girl Guides - RCMP - did a great job to focus everyone on the Service at the Cenotaph to follow
  • Pastor Martin Reid - presented a thought provoking and inspiring message to the large crowd in attendence - encouraging us all to do our part in making this a better - safer - place to live - work and play
  • Legion - always do a great job honouring the fallen soldieers from each of the wars - also reading out the wreaths to be placed
  • Wreaths - there were close to 50 wreaths - placed in memory of fallen family members - community groups - churches - businesses that just want to show their appreciation for our military and first responders
  • A good crowd - several people mentioned it was one of our largest crowds in recent memory

Let's continue to remember all year long and provide friendship and support to those veterans living in our community.