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Recommendation - Keep Both Schools OPen

Fri Feb 24, 2:20 AM

The final of the three information sessions on the future of our elementary schools - Maple Ridge and Shubenacdie Elementary Schools.  There was a good crowd in attendance to here the recommendations of the committee.  There were three information sessions and the committee really listened to the community and their commnents and recommentations.

There was much infomration gathered - Updated population information - Projected development to the corridor area - Input from the Chamber of Commerce - discussions with developers.  The announcement of the new exchange at Lantz will advance the development in the area significantly. 

There is the expectation that Shubenacadie will have some new growth over the next few years as well.

The committee has recommended that both schools remain open and swome re-distribution of the schools be completed.

It was welcome news to all those that attended - the 2,000+ people that signed the petitions.

The recommendation will be finalized and submitted in mid-March. 

We need to give a BIG thank you to the committee - the many volunteeres that worked so hard to help build the case for both schools....


It isn't over yet...

It Snowed and it Blew and Blew some more….

Tue Feb 14, 3:14 PM

Well we were thinking we were having a pretty soft winter.... Then this week happened.  I posted on my Facebook yesterday morning a photo outside and said well it is not too bad yet.  I think someone was listening.

Wow and now it just won't stop.  The snow seems to have stopped but the wind is still a blowing...


  • NS Power for keeping is in the light - when it went off was only a couple of hours
  • Nova Scotia Snow Plow operators and your tireless hours
  • Those local Snow Plows that have been working around the clock - you are appreciated especially these days
  • Thanks to neighbours that have been looking out for each other
  • The Businesses that are getting back open to serve us - Foodland for letting us sneak in after the wire Sunday evening

Take a little time today and show a little love to those around you...

Again THANKS.....